Suicide and Adoption: We Need to Stop Whispering

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Just this morning, as I was getting ready to post this, I read on my Facebook feed about a 28-year-old Korean adoptee who died by suicide two days ago. I did not know her. She was the same age as my oldest son, and she had a daughter about the age of my granddaughter. May she rest in peace.

I am holding in my heart a 20-something-year-old adoptee, adopted with a biological sibling into a huge adoptive family (more than 25 kids). He is overwhelmed all the time these days, as a result of things he has done and has had done to him. He wants to go home, though he’s not sure any longer where “home” is. He is in great need of mental health services, and is intently resisting help. He is teetering on the edge of suicide.

Yes, I know most adoptees do well. But this one…

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One thought on “Suicide and Adoption: We Need to Stop Whispering

  1. I am a retired junior high teacher. And have been privy to observing students when they synthesize their adoption and where baby’s come from. Even under the best of circumstances, self-realizing infant-stranger adoption, adds trauma. The child just does not trust adults much past knowing they will be fed and have shelter..a large percentage detach from school, and seem to go into a period where they are challenging the commitment of close friends they have known since kindergarten.

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