Adoptees Using Facebook Page ‘You Know You’re An Adoptee When’ for Search Success

Trend alert for adoptees in search!

The Facebook community page “You Know You’re An Adoptee When….” has been posting text embellished photos of adoptees who are searching for their families. The adoption-reunion  focused page encourages readers to  ‘like and share’ the photos. Thus, creating an endless opportunity for the right person to find them.

The Facebook community page is dedicated to “being supportive of each other’s stage of their healing journey,”and it’s doing just that. The adoptee’s photos are circling the Web, and have resulted in a reported three (3) reunions thus far.

If you are searching, it can not hurt to try this avenue. Please do not list your address or full adoptive name, to avoid scammers.  Including your birth date, place of birth, and a fact or two should do the trick.

Below are some examples for reference. Each photo links back to the Facebook community post. So if you know them or can help, just click on the picture.


find5 find4find2 What a wonderful effort to reunite birth families!

Blessings for a picture perfect reunion,


9 thoughts on “Adoptees Using Facebook Page ‘You Know You’re An Adoptee When’ for Search Success

  1. Hi, Doing this so publicly can cause problems. Not all birth parents or siblings or adoptees want to have their information put on the web like this. So if you haven’t tried search and support groups, please do. It could be counter productive doing this. If a mother gets outted and isn’t expecting her friend or family to inform her, it could be bad news as to how an adoptee will be received.

    • Hmm. Other Adoptee Rights advocates will be all over this comment. If someone chooses to relinquish, drop off, or abandon their child to adoption, the child does not disappear into a vacuum. A child is a living, breathing being and pen to paper does not make them go away forever.

      Protecting the birth family is a great idea, and I was careful in my search. However, when you are at the end of your rope, and have exhausted all avenues, this is what has to be done. It is a sad state of affairs that we live in a world where adoptees have no right to their God-given identifying information.

      Sure, the adoptee may be poorly received, but for some, even that is better than never being received at all, or wallowing in a world without a complete identity. Even if I had been poorly received in my search, I would have had a name, a photo, a nationality. The birth mother (and all non adoptees) have this…why not us?

      The birth mother signed away the child, whether coerced or not. The adoptee signed nothing. We have a right to know, even if it is emotionally detrimental to the birth parent. As I sad, I’m sorry that it has to be this way, but the truth is the truth and it will set you free.

      • Hi, to say all woman signed their rights away is also not true. Some of the woman had the child taken. And no rights were given to her. To go public is one thing. However there are ways to do that, and not OUT the mother before she even knows you are trying to find and contact her.

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  4. For those who are reading this, and don’t want to make posters, we suggest you sign up with search and support groups. Sign up with your respective state you were born and adopted in. Also sign up with (you can check the database right now)
    Also sign up with – you can print off the form and fill it out and mail it in. Or send a self addressed Stamped Evelope to the addr and ask for a form to be sent to you. It has to be their form.


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