Register at A Free Reunion Registry from ‘The Locator’

“Half of the world is looking for the other half.” – Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn

Many of you are probably  familiar with the show ‘The Locator’ starring Troy Dunn. The show airs on WE tv, and facilitates marvelous reunions between lost loves, adoptees, and estranged family members.

With the help of Search Quest America, a trusted third party search provider for, the show and his site, have reunited thousands of people.  You can view a collection of ‘The Locator’ episodes here, and learn more about the show at the official show site.

‘The Locator’ is bombarded with requests, and since they cannot possible address them all, Troy has created a reunion board/database called Troys List.

While you must register to post on Troy’s List, the database is free, and searchable by location, and type of search.

The list is of special interest to adoptees and birth parents in search. However, it also includes posts for missing school mates, lost family, lost childhood friends, military buddies, old neighbors and more.

Troy’s describes the list  in his ‘about’ section as; “a free, mutual consent registry for those wanting to be reunited with a long lost loved one. It’s purpose is to provide a safe, no-cost environment for those in search.”

Dunn also cautions, “all those searching to guard your personal information closely, being very careful where you post it and how much information you share with strangers. While there are many people and organizations willing and able to assist you, there are also too many who will prey upon you. ”

Search Troy’s List today, and make sure you register. Your family could be just a click away!

Blessings for a speedy reunion,