Washington State Adoptees- Original Birth Records to Open July 1, 2014

State by state and crumb by crumb, adoptees continue to gain access to their God-given rights.  Today’s good news comes from top left side of our fabulous country. Washington State adoptees will be able to obtain their original birth records starting on July 1, 2014.washington

According to a News Tribune article published in May 2013 when the legislation was approved, “House Bill 1525 — allows those adopted before October 1993 to obtain copies of their original birth certificates identifying their birth mothers and possibly fathers, provided those parents have not filed papers to prevent the release.

Under the state’s old law, those adopted after Oct. 1, 1993, can access original birth records without court orders. Records can be requested once the adoptee turns 18.”

For more on how to request an original birth certificate, visit the Washington State Department of Health Site. There is a full  description of the law and who is allowed access here.

As usual, the new open records legislation comes with an ugly  ‘opt-out’ option for birth parents who do not wish  to be contacted.  If only adoptees could opt-out of having their heritage stolen and their lives mired in secrecy. Open records should apply to everyone!

Blessings for a country where freedom-for-all finally includes adoptees,


Hopeful News for Oklahoma Adoptees in Search

Oklahoma adoptees are one step closer to open records! On March 12, 2012,  Bill B 2634 passed the Oklahoma House with a final affirmative vote of  93-0.


According to an article at newsok.com,  if passed into law, the bill will “allow adult adoptees the right to obtain original birth certificates and let birth parents fill out a contact preference form that would tell adoptees if they’d like contact, no contact or contact through an intermediary.”

Once passed, this legislation would also give birth parents the rights, to deny contact, and  fill out “a medical and social form to fill out to give to adoptees when they obtain their original birth certificate.”

While I do not agree with the opt-out option for birth parents (since we  have no ‘opt out’ option with regard to being adopted), I do see this as a giant step in the right direction. Bravo to the The Daily Bastardette Blog, for rallying everyone to get the bill passed in the House!

To keep tabs on the progress of this bill, visit this page at the  Oklahoma State Legislature site.