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  • What Google’s Pay Equity Snafu Means to You
  • Federal Paid Family Leave- Your Next HR Nightmare?
  • Want to be Great Leader? Learn the Bloomberg Shuffle
  • Buckets of Radioactive Material Found At Grand Canyon Museum: Safety Gone Wild?
  • CBD Oil: Hemp-based Products Create Hazy Outlook for Employers
  • Gig Economy: Sobering News on the Drunken Employer Soiree Called Misclassification
  • The Scary, Costly, No Good Truth About Employee Background Checks
  • Crayon, Papyrus, Pen to Paper: Write Down Goals To Achieve
  • HR Lessons from Ariana Grande’s Grammys Ditch
  • Big Boss a Tool? Pull a Pelosi
  • Oscars’ Ghost Host: Why Do the Job Nobody Wants?
  • Hating the Patriots: NFL Lessons on Success
  • Workplace Predictions- All Eyes on Pay in 2019
  • They’re Here! Robo-Interviewers Have Arrived
  • 5 HR Trends That Will Define 2019
  • 3 Secrets to Setting Achievable Goals
  • Forget About It- New Year’s Resolutions For Suckers?
  • Horrible, Terrible, No-Good Employees: A New Year’s De-tox
  • Hurry Up and Wait- DOL’s Final Overtime Rule in Legislative Limbo
  • Flubs, Fibs & Foolish Answers- What Not to Say when Communicating about Pay
  • Hiring on Mute- Questions to Avoid when Interviewing Candidates
  • Digest This… Extra Helpings of Workplace Gratitude Can Heal Company Culture
  • Feeling Logy and a Little Behind? Kick that Year-End Slump in the Rump
  • The Willpower Lie: Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Without It

Law Practice Management Advisor (C4CM.com)

  • Billable Hours: Ethics Lessons in Light of Jussie Smollet Attack
  • NCAA March Madness (Like Law) All About The Boys
  • Bye-Bye Brady & Belichick? Patriots Succession Lessons for Law Firms
  • 4 Tech Solutions to Tame The Legal RFP Beast
  • Does the Billable Hour Cause Lawyer Overbilling?
  • Tips Execs Should Take from the Bezos Divorce
  • Stressed! 5 Free Resources to Reduce Lawyer Anxiety
  • #MeToo Means Law Firms (and Clients) Too
  • Law Firms Hiring Sales Pros- Lawyers Not Selling?
  • Should Lawyers Text Clients?
  • All Over The Map-Thriving as a Geographically Dispersed Law Department
  • Legal Pros Share Fav Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • Is Work-Flex on Associate’s Holiday Wish List?

C4CM Publications

National Music Journalist

(Ten years conducting interviews and writing features on national touring musicians including: Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, Buddy Guy, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Joey Ramone, Aerosmith, Zakk Wylde, Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Duke Robillard (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Robert Trujillo (Metallica/Suicidal Tendencies), Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Steve Vai, Myron Grumbacher (Pat Benatar), and hundreds more.

Work appeared in-

  • Boston Phoenix
  • Boston Globe Calendar
  • Creem
  • Metronome Magazine
  • North Shore Magazine
  • SPIN

Author of Novel: Waving Backwards

Book Review: New Southern Gentleman
Book Review: Writer’s Pay it Forward
Book Launch News: Savannah Morning News