I hope this space will offer you what you’re looking for. In addition to the brief bio below, this site houses information about my published and in-progress books, dates of appearances, contact information so yoV.L. Brunskill is the award-winning author of the Savannah novel Waving Backwards and the forthcoming memoir The Killing ClosetShe is also a blogger at adoptionfind where she shares lessons learned from her (pre-internet) adoption search, and her journey towards spiritual healing.

In addition to her personal blog, V.L. blogs about business management for C4CM’s The Human Blog and Law Practice Management Advisor Blog.

Long before she penned her first novel, V.L. was putting pen to paper as a freelance music journalist at Metronome Magazine, North Shore Magazine, CREEM, SPIN, and the Boston Phoenix.  From rock stars to rocking ions, V.L. went on to become senior editor of an IT magazine, and a technical writer in the ion implantation field.

Having found her birth family in 1991, her reunion journey entailed a daunting seven-year-search for her birth mother, and another five-years looking for her birth father.

She moved South to be closer to both.

“Searching is difficult.  Finding is life-altering.”- V.L. Brunskill




3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for attending my talk with Pat Conroy at the Savannah Book Festival, and for the the kind words posted here. After reading about your work as an adoptee search angel, I thought I’d pass something along that I don’t believe I mentioned in my talk. You referenced the Mexico story I told, which involved the sheep for Antonio. My daughter, MB, who was with us that day, is adopted from Korea. We have three sons, “the biologicals” MB calls them, and one daughter: her. While she was able to learn the identity of her birth family, she hasn’t made a decision as to contacting them. I consider her a great gift from the universe to us.

  2. anyone know any sites to try and find my adopted brother he was adopted at 2 years old and am trying to trace him he was born 1989 its upsetting me cos cant find him he was last known to be born in wathem forest his name was andrew james harvey we was adopted in to diffrent familys

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