Kentucky Siblings Reunited- Help Find Missing Adopted Brother

Today’s adoption reunion story comes from Louisville Kentucky where 65-year-old Charles Dingledine has been reunited with a sister he never knew existed. After his mother’s death, Dingledine was told by an uncle that he had an older brother who was relinquished for adoption.

While searching for his brother, named ‘Howard Hook’ who was born around 1941, Dingledine found that he also had a sister who was placed for adoption. Watch the heartwarming reunion of siblings Charles Dingledine and NovaJean Monroe below.

WDRB Dingledine Reunion

Let’s help Charles and NovaJean find their missing brother. If you know of a male adoptee named Howard who was born in the early 1940’s in Kentucky, please contact WDRB news anchor Valerie Chinn at (502) 585-0875.
The only other clue in this adoption search is that Howard’s father was Edward Holloway.

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Blessings for a three sibling reunion celebration,

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