Savannah novel ‘Waving Backwards’ scheduled for Summer 2015 release

Waving Backwards, a Savannah novel
By (adoptionfind blogger) V.L. Brunskill



The baby’s roots are with the southern lady who waves forever.
Her heart was Pearced, and so was that of her mother.
Pearced was she by the cotton race that will never end.
Buried in the first city is a man who holds the 9th key.

     These are the words that set Lara Bonavito out on a quest for answers, away from her college life and into the sigh-worthy historic district of Savannah Georgia. Found in a bible belonging to her adoptive mother (and absent but violent father), the note makes Lara question what little she knows about her past and there’s no way she can resist investigating.With the help of a devilishly suave and decidedly wealthy trolley driver with a penchant for pretty young tourists, Lara peels back the layers of her southern roots, discovering how her birth story intertwines with the bronze beauty of the town: the Waving Girl statue. How are they related and what does the note really mean?

 “Searching is difficult.
Finding is life-altering.”- V.L. Brunskill

View the sigh-worthy Savannah settings for Waving Backwards on Pinterest.

Copyright 2014

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