34 Years Later- NJ Equal Access Bill Inches Forward

New Jersey adoptees may finally be closer to obtaining their original birth certificates and health records.
Bill A-1259, which has been bandied about for more than three decades was recently approved by the NJ Senate Health and Human Services Committee, and the Assembly Human Services Committee. This is the same bill that was passed by both legislative houses in 2011, only to be conditionally vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie.

Check out the full story at NJSpotlight.com.
Bill Would Give Adoptees Access to Medical History, Info About Birth Parents (via NJSpotlight)At a time when the understanding and treatment of inherited disorders has grown by leaps and bounds, one group has not had access to any information about their family’s medical history – people whose biological parents’ names were sealed when…

Blessings for a less icy reception from Gov. Christie this go ’round,

3 thoughts on “34 Years Later- NJ Equal Access Bill Inches Forward

  1. Just wanted you to know Star has been communicating via facebook. I am very pleased. In case you don’t remember my situation, I helped my adopted daughter find her b-relatives and she left the area and was mostly not in touch. All my best, Lynn

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  2. My husband is concerned that a female baby was born to his wife, and given up for adoption without his consent, may need to know that her bio-mother died, as well as her bio-grandmother, from the same type of cancer.

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