Waterloo Two, Where are you? Canadian family searches for siblings


Adoption find community, let’s help this Canadian family complete their sibling circle.

Five children were relinquished by birth mother Marlene Walsh. Three of five Walsh siblings have been reunited after being adopted by three different families.  Marlene Walsh is deceased.

Correction just in from Jennifer Rosati- “There are 7 of us siblings in total from Marlene. 4 adopted – and 3 raised by their birth fathers.
5 of us are together, and we are now looking for the last two.”

The trio now seek to complete their sibling quintet in time for an August 2013 family reunion. The sisters are on the hunt for the missing Waterloo Two, who according to birth sister Jennifer Rosati- “were born in the Waterloo area — a girl born around 1987 and a boy in 1989 — to Marlene Walsh and a man with the last name of Ellis.” Waterloo is a small city in Southern Ontario, Canada.

As reported  by  The Record  the two missing siblings, “were adopted by the same parents and their adopted father was a professor at a local university. The couple fostered the children before adopting them.” 

The sisters have registered with the  Canadian Reunion Registry. However, as anyone who has used an adoption reunion registry will attest, that route could take years.

To learn more about the Walsh sisters’ search or to get in touch with the siblings, visit their Facebook page, “Need Help Finding the Rest of Our Birth Siblings in Kitchener-Waterloo.”

Blessings for a speedy Waterloo reunion,

P.S  This song keeps popping into my head as I write about the Walsh family.

Will the circle be unbroken?
I went back home, my home was lonesome
Missed my mother, she was gone
All of my brothers, sisters crying
What a home so sad and lone

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, Lord, by and by


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  1. Thank you! Small correction – there are 7 of us siblings in total from Marlene. 4 adopted – and 3 raised by their birth fathers.
    5 of us are together, and we are now looking for the last two.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing our story. and for the beautiful song. 🙂 News is spreading so fast, and we are so grateful for the generosity of everyone willing to help us with our search. It has been a long road, and we are hopeful now that we are in the home stretch, fingers crossed we find them soon!

    P.S. there are 5 of us total who have been re united so far. 2 of which were adopted, and 2 with their biological father, and I with my biological father. The remaining two were also adopted.

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