Can Adoption Create Addicts? | The Fix

Take a minute to read this article from The Fix.  It is an eye-opening account of the link between adoption and addiction. Can Adoption Create Addicts? | The Fix.

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I have pondered this topic quite a bit.  In the book The Primal Wound author Nancy Newton Verrier suggests a link between adult adoptee behavior and our relinquishment.

Research presented in The Primal Wound also suggests that the lifelong effects of adoption on behavior are worse when a child is removed from its biological mother at birth. This is due to the pre-speech nature of the wound.  When a child experiences pain and cannot express it verbally, it becomes a deep-seated fissure in human personality.

I know a lot of adoptees who have experienced drug and food addictions, but is it cause and effect? Or is it merely coincidental? What do you think? Does adoption cause addiction? Please share your thoughts and experiences using the comment link below.

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3 thoughts on “Can Adoption Create Addicts? | The Fix

  1. To date, I don’t know of any formal socio-scientific study that would offer percentages or numbers; a scientific study would be needed to truely confirm this. Does anyone know of such a study? For certain there is the publication “FreakOnomics” (the first publication). The author found evidence that equated a drastic drop in crime about 10-15 years after Roe V Wade. The economic study is still available at Barnes and Noble and probably on Amazon.

  2. I just found a study relating to this subject, Google the following:
    Substance Use Disorders and Adoption: Findings from a National Sample by G. Yoon 2012

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