Bryan County News Article on Book Drive for Tornado Victims

As many of my loyal adoption find readers know, I started a book drive to restock the two elementary schools demolished by tornadoes in Moore, OK last month. The drive is now in full swing with 250 books in house and another 1700 promised! The book drive (and yours truly) was blessed with a full page  in today’s local newspaper.

Please share, ‘like’ the article on Facebook and donate one new or nearly new children’s (K-6) book. Mail to PO BOX 249, Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Bryan County News article on the drive
Writer collects books for tornado victims

If Vicki-lynn Brunskill knew one thing in the pit of her stomach, it was that she couldn’t waste one more day merely thinking about all the ways she could be helping those in need.
When a wave of tornados swept through Oklahoma last month and devastated a community of people just like herself, Brunskill couldn’t wait any longer. Before she could talk herself out of it, the Brooklyn, N.Y., native had thrown together a massive book drive for the desecrated elementary schools in Moore, Okla.
“I love children and I love books,” Brunskill said. “And what is a school without books? When I was in elementary school the library was my salvation — and these kids in Oklahoma need an escape.” Read the full story.

Also check out the interview at the link below. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about your favorite adoption rights advocate.

BRYan County News-
Proust questionnaire: Vicki-lynn Brunskill

Writer Vicki-lynn Brunskill, whose work includes the novel, “Waving Backwards,” faces the questions this week.

Thanks for reading and blessings that we may place a book in every child’s hand! Vicki-lynn

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