AdoptionFind: Book Drive to Stock Tornado Ravaged OK School Libraries

For two nights, I tossed and turned trying to think of a way to help Moore, Oklahoma rebuild. For those of you who don’t know- two of the city’s elementary schools were destroyed by a powerful tornado on May 20th, 2013.

Donate a book for Moore OK Libraries

Mail one book for Moore, OK

As I do not have the means to help alone, I have started a children’s book drive called ‘Books to Build On- Moore, OK‘ and I need your help!

My plan is to gather books from around the country and get them to Moore once the elementary schools are rebuilt. Please do not send books directly to the city as they do not have a place to store them. Donated books will be stored at my home until the elementary schools are ready for them.  At that time, I will use a donated rental truck to transport the books to Oklahoma. Any overflow will either be distributed in the Moore, OK community or brought to other schools in need.

I contacted the Moore Schools Superintendent for ideas on how many books and the types of books the elementary schools will need. I will share these details as they become available.

AdoptionFind community, please help to rebuild Moore, Oklahoma’s elementary school libraries. I anticipate that ‘Books to Build On’ will be a 3-month drive. Help to rebuild the hope, lives and learning opportunities for the tornado ravaged community. Please send a new or gently used book that is appropriate for Kindergarten through sixth grade (K-6) level readers to:

Books to Build On
c/o V.L. Brunskill
PO Box 249
Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Please share, tweet and re-blog.
Blessings for making a difference one book at a time,

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