Shameless Plug Alert: Please VOTE for my novel ‘Waving Backwards’ in Backspace Writers Contest

As many readers of Adoptionfind know, I recently completed a novel titled Waving Backwards, which is not yet published. I am currently shopping the book to agents, and have entered it in a contest to  attend the Backspace Writer’s Conference in Manhattan this Spring.

Details are below. Waving Backwards is Entry 40.

You can vote for three books.

Backspace Scholarship Contest – Time to Vote!

bookstoreVoting in the Backspace “This Manuscript HAS to Become a Book!” Scholarship Contest is now open!

Read the entries on this page, then use the polling feature below to vote your favorites! 3 worthy winners will receive a full scholarship to the 2013 Backspace Writers conference!

You can only vote once, but you may select up to 3 entries.

Entries should be judged on marketability and overall concept and tone. Would YOU want to buy this book if you came upon it while browsing in a bookstore? If so, then cast your vote!

In addition to the popular vote, a panel of select agents and authors from the 2013 Backspace Writers Conference faculty will weigh in behind the scenes with their top choices.

In the final tally, popular vote will count for 50%, and the agent picks 50%.

Good luck to all! Voting closes March 15.
Winners will be announced March 17.


PLEASE VOTE for ‘Waving Backwards’ ENTRY #40 HERE
and feel free to share.

Blessings that we may spread our story to a world audience,


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