Reunion Video Captures Bone-Chilling Anguish of Korean Birthmother

One look at this footage of Kira Donnell’s reunion with her Korean birth mother, and you are privy to the torment many birth mothers carry in their hearts after relinquishing a child.

This brilliant, video journal by Kira Donnell also represents the essence of our need to know.  Get the tissues ready.

Recovering What Was Left Behind
by Kira Donnell

Blessings for a reunion that heals,



8 thoughts on “Reunion Video Captures Bone-Chilling Anguish of Korean Birthmother

  1. The loss experienced by the birth mother in relinquishing her child(ren) is so often minimized or even forgotten. I cannot even imagine what that would feel like and often wonder if my birth mother mourned after I was relinquished. May I share this on my blog,

  2. Thanks for sharing this video ~ heart wrenching, yet beautiful. I loved her words at the end, of her footprints in the sand being the words to her mother, to be washed across the ocean to her. Very powerful video in many ways.

    Marijane ~ As a mom, I cannot imagine a mother NOT mourning the loss of her child to adoption.

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  4. Beautiful video…so happy for all involved. I am an adoptive mom whose adopted daughter reunited with birth relatives (I helped her) and since then we have seen little of her (she lives about three hours from us). I struggle, but I don’t regret helping her.
    I have a daughter in law who is Korean and was adopted to a family in Michigan as an infant. She has not expressed a desire to reunite with her birth relatives and is extremely close to her birth mom and sisters who are also Korean and adopted.
    Thanks so much for sharing this momentous event! HUGS AND LOVE

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