Breaking News from ABC: Twice Adopted, Abandoned Daughter to Get Millions

Breaking News

Breaking News

In a story filled with sad turns of fate, and rejection, ABC News reports that adoptee Emily Fuqui Svenningsen will inherit millions from the family who adopted, then rejected her.

This ruling re-enforces an adoptee’s rights to a stable, consistent home. It also reminds prospective adoptive parents that we are NON TRANSFERABLE.

Svenningsen with biological children
Facebook/GA Daily News







Note that Svenningsen did not relinquish any ‘biological’ kids once tragedy struck.

Here is the ABC News report:

Widow Owes Rejected Adopted Daughter Millions, Court Rules

Blessings for  justice,


3 thoughts on “Breaking News from ABC: Twice Adopted, Abandoned Daughter to Get Millions

  1. Always snap judgements! I have one bio child and I adopted four. My oldest (now an adult) has reactive attachment disorder. She is a dangerous vicious cruel human being who has done nothing but hurt our entire family. I WISH I had “re-adopted” her out to someone else! You have no idea what its like living with someone who has this personality disorder.. they are amazing at fooling people and destroying lives. Lifetime has made movies for a reason!

  2. Reblogged this on birthsiblingsandfamilysearching and commented:
    It seems if I were to say, If you give birth to a child you are responsible for that child and if something is wrong with the child you have to deal. But fact is you can give that child up for adoption so your really not responsible if you don’t want to be. So then you question why then should we hold an adopted parents or parent responsible for a child that they don’t want. Because you signed and promise to better at caring loving and providing. Your are saying I save you from your situation and are willing and able to do better than your biological parents. I believe adopted parents should be held in higher regard because you decided to take on that huge lovable responsibility. With that being said all children up for adoption should be monitored the agency should know these children their likes, dislikes, what makes them tick, medical history and psychological profiles and adopted parents should have all of this info and be well informed about a child before they commit to such a huge commitment. Just my thought in writing

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