Adoptees and Birth Parents: Take Action for Open Records

As adoptees or birth parents in search, the path is often frustrating, and there are times when you feel like there is nothing more to do.  Well, don’t be fooled, there’s plenty you can do- in terms of changing adoption records law.

Not for all! gulinvardare/

Not for all!

If you find yourself stuck in search limbo, sometimes it helps to walk away from the search for a bit. I did this with my own search, and the break helped me to look at my non-identifying information with new eyes, and ultimately find my birth family.

While you take a break from your personal search, why not take some time to help raise awareness, and lobby for open records legislation. In the process, you will meet other adoptees, and might even get a few new ideas to hasten reunion.

Several state groups are actively writing, and calling state legislators, to keep the issues that surround sealed records in the news, and on state dockets.

If you are interested in helping the cause of open records for all adult adoptees, below are some groups who want your assistance.  Each of these organizations offer email updates,  opportunities to lobby (in person and via email) for change, as well as guidelines for contacting state politicians, and much more.


STATES (This is just a small sampling. Search on “Adoption Reform” or “Adoption Legislation” and your state name to find a local group.

If I missed a resource, or you want me to list a specific lobbying event or legislation from your state, send me an email at- vbrunskill at

Blessings for fair legislation in all states,


One thought on “Adoptees and Birth Parents: Take Action for Open Records

  1. Adoptive families, too, should be encouraged to lend their support for their sons/daughters to know the truth of their origins. It’s important for legislators to hear from adoptive mothers and fathers who are supportive and understand that forcing people to live under the oppression of secrets and lies is not healthy, mentally, emotionally or physically.

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