OK! Magazine: Green Day bassist mourns the loss of his birth mother


It is tragic that Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt did not find his birth mother sooner. He found her in December, discovering that they were long-time neighbors. She died on January 13, 2013, just one month after Dirnt found her.

Have to wonder if him finding her, gave her the peace to move on.

You can read more about his mourning here.

OK! Magazine: First For Celebrity News :: Latest Celebrity News :: Green Day bassist mourns the loss of his birth mother.

  • Curious, have any readers found their birthfamilies after the death of their biological parent?
  • Do you have a relationship with the extended family?
  • Are you still happy that you searched?

Share your thoughts using the ‘comment’ link below.

Blessings for a living reunion of depth and meaning,Vicki-lynn


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  1. So very tragic for Mike Dirnt my heart goes out to him. My reunion for my b- mom lead me to her head stone. My heart was so empty. I am I. Reunion with her side of the family. My maternal grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, some cousins and still meeting people. Very mixed emotions.

  2. Both my first parents had passed by the time I found them. I do have a limited relationship with two half-siblings and my mother’s widower.
    I suffer the “late searcher’s” self-blame.

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