Video News: Rhode Island Law Leads to Adoption Reunion

Eerily similar to my own reunion at Boston’s Logan Airport in 1992, this NBC news report reminds us why state adoption laws must be changed. Open records and access for all adult adoptees, will only be possible when state legislators cut through the red-tape, and change outdated adoptions laws.

Today. most adoptions are open. All parties enter an adoption agreement with identities revealed, nationalities intact and birthday’s remembered. In the 1950’s. 60’s and 70’s, unwed pregnancy was viewed as a sin against God, family and society. The children placed during those decades are now adults  in a wholly different world, and state laws should reflect the new culture of acceptance, genetic importance, and basic human rights.

Bravo, to Rhode Island for opening its adoption records to allow for this wonderful reunion.

To learn how to access your RI adoption records, check out the post ‘RI Adoptees over 25 Years Allowed Original Birth Certificates.’

Blessings that all states see the light, and open our records,


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