‘Daughters of Deceit’ Book to Present Story of UK Adoption Reunion

Keep your eye out for a new book, that will chronicle adoptee (and Women’s Open Golf champion) Jenny Lee Smith’s reunion with her birth family in the UK.

Jami Dwyer/Flickr.com

After finding out (late in life) that her parents were not her biological parents,  Jenny sought, and found her birth mother.  Her birth mother died not long after the reunion.

Smith also discovered that she had a half-sister, Helen Edwards.  Helen knew nothing of her sister’s existence. The book, which is being considered by several publishers, was  co-authored by the sisters, and shares the secrets, turmoil and triumphs of their journey to reunion.

You can read more about the book and their story in this Chronicle Live UK article, and more about Helen Edwards & Jenny Lee Smith at their homepage.

Looking forward to this one!


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