Illinois Law Changes Adoptee’s Lives: Original Birth Certificates Await

In 2010, Illinois passed a law allowing adoptees to access their original birth certificates. According to a Chicago Tribune article this week, the subsequent influx of requests is causing a backlog at the Department of Public Heath, and a bevy of beautiful reunions.

The Tribune also reports that 5,485 adoptees have applied for copies of their original birth certificates under the law, and “according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are about 250,000 adoptees eligible to apply for their birth certificates.”

Below  is a video of Governor Quinn announcing the signing of Public Act 96-0895.

I am sharing this “old” news to make more adoptees aware of the law, and because the recent Chicago Tribune article  reveals a few of the amazing reunions made possible by the law.  During the 7 years I searched for my birthmother, reunion stories were a source of inspiration, and reminded me that there was a real live family at the end of the rocky road.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a FAQ page for those who would like to request a non-certified copy of their original birth certificates.  This page also includes links to the required forms.

One thought on “Illinois Law Changes Adoptee’s Lives: Original Birth Certificates Await

  1. It is wonderful and long overdue. I am a mother who lost her child in 1966 due to pressure by society to surrendered because I was young and unmarried. I have spent 21 yrs trying to educate others about this need for equal access in all states and still there are 40 some states to go. I myself will continue until every adopted person in every state has the true record of his birth. Unfortunately, at this rate, I will be dead first but I will have faith in God that everyone will someday get just how important this issue is to those who are denied their truth.

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