Hopeful News for Oklahoma Adoptees in Search

Oklahoma adoptees are one step closer to open records! On March 12, 2012,  Bill B 2634 passed the Oklahoma House with a final affirmative vote of  93-0.


According to an article at newsok.com,  if passed into law, the bill will “allow adult adoptees the right to obtain original birth certificates and let birth parents fill out a contact preference form that would tell adoptees if they’d like contact, no contact or contact through an intermediary.”

Once passed, this legislation would also give birth parents the rights, to deny contact, and  fill out “a medical and social form to fill out to give to adoptees when they obtain their original birth certificate.”

While I do not agree with the opt-out option for birth parents (since we  have no ‘opt out’ option with regard to being adopted), I do see this as a giant step in the right direction. Bravo to the The Daily Bastardette Blog, for rallying everyone to get the bill passed in the House!

To keep tabs on the progress of this bill, visit this page at the  Oklahoma State Legislature site.

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