March 13,1968 in New York City: A Baby Boy is Born

Today is my adoptive brother’s birthday. He is a very special, caring man, who works hard, and adores his daughter.  He has a generous sense of humor, friends who love him, and a heart of gold.


He has been a blessing in my life, and I know, if only we could locate his birthfamily, he would be a blessing in theirs as well. I will not share his new name.

At birth, we believe he was named Peter Mathewson.
He was born in New York City on 3/13/68.

His birthmother was an art student, and of French lineage. His birthfather was Italian and possibly American Indian.  Someone in his birthmother’s family attended an Ivy league college. Her family was from New England.

That is what we know.  I have searched for his birthfamily on and off for years.
If you know anything about the birth of this beautiful little boy, who grew (despite a truckload of turmoil) into a brave, strong man, please email me: vbrunskill at

We are not sure about the spelling of his last name, and of course the details revealed in his non-identifying information may be slightly off.

We only know that despite my search attempts, I have not been able to find them. He would like a photo, medical info, and a glimpse into the information that is his birth right.

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

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