Australian Mothers Recall Nightmare of Forced Adoptions

As I searched for my birthmother, I always assumed that the choice to give me up was hers. I also believed that her motives, while off-kilter due to a lack of life experience, were basically good.  I was correct, and while my birthmother suffered every year on my birthday, she accepted the repercussions and responsibility that came with her decision.

Lars Plougmann/

Imagine though, the birthmother who is given no choice. Imagine a world where young, unmarried women are forced to give away their babies, denied pain medicine, and made to recover from giving birth in a cold veranda, while married mothers rest in a warm, safe maternity ward.

An article this month at ABC NorthCoast Australia, offers heartbreaking, first-person accounts of forced adoptions in Australia during the 1960’s.

It is unclear from the article, whether or not there is an ongoing investigation into Australian adoption practices, or if the piece is simply meant to reveal the evil practices of the past. Either way, the women’s recollection are heart-wrenching.

Note- I am looking for more upbeat adoption news. I promise. However, some stories deserve to be told again and again.

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