Welcome adoptees, birth parents, and anyone in search.

My name is V.L. Brunskill. I am an adoptee,  search angel, and a writer. I live near beautiful Savannah, Georgia, and have known my truth since 1991. After a seven year search, I found my birthmother, and after another five years,  my birthfather.

I moved south to be closer to my birth family. However, I only retain a relationship with my birth mother. I moved my adoptive mother with me to Georgia.

The decision to search for one’s birth family is wrought with emotion, and the search  is a twisting road of mystery, disappointment, elation and wonder.

Finding is a rebirth, and I have found that most of adoptees spend a myriad of time dreaming of reunion, but very little time preparing for the truth. I have helped many adoptees, by sharing the way my search unfolded (in the days before the wonderful Web), and I hope  to help many more.

This blog will share reunion stories from the news, my experiences, offer advice and help for those searching, and hopefully shed new light on being a member of the adoption triangle. The triangle includes adoptees, birth parents, and adoptee parents.

I will also share books, sites, and other resources as I discover them, in hopes that it will ease your path to wholeness.

I recently completed a novel titled Waving Backwards and will share the path to publication with you as well.

Welcome and happy reading!


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